Thursday, July 05, 2007

When June and July Met

I think life is teasing me right now. Feel like am in the crossing road. Can’t write more, only a snapshot picture of the entire important event that happened last week.

June 26 – 27, finally the migration team can deliver their baby. So much stories that left behind now, the day when we had to do our dry run, the fall back process, the over night stay at the office, our porridge breakfast every time we have finished our dry run, our battle to win our sleepy head, our daily breakfast at cafĂ© au lait, our daily fighting with the vendor, the relationship that we have with them, and the migration day itself …

June 28 – June 30, the party started. Want to find a free flow party, then come to Medan. You could experience a bunch of incidence. Its nice ... even though it was the hardest time in my life. Yeah .. it was a tough week, with the toughest on 30 June, when my friend called me and I started to cry on the clear full moon.

July 01 – Finally, I have time for my family ….

July 02 – The last court. That was the day when people try to find a scapegoat instead of solution…; Th “J Curve” that was the message that I got from my friend. I’ve got new experience on that day. The day, which could be my turning point. The day when the sun was hiding somewhere. The day when I couldn’t say a word to my friend. The day not even look at his eyes.

July 03 – Like a snowball, so was this day. The issues that never fade, always come to my front door.

July 04 – It’s enough … the same statement that I sent to my friend during the meeting on July 02. For the 1st time in my life, I didn’t care of what people think of me. It’s enough and I really mean it. There’s no room for left heart … as my boss told me.

Today is the day of American Independence Day and 1 year of my coming back in the corporation world ….


nadia febina said...

Tere... Just curious, how do you really feel, when are you happiest: back in office or work from home.... Ini buat saya aja sih Tere, for my reference, let's say I'm in a junction now..

Thanks yaaa.. :)

tere616 said...

nadia : LOL. It's a tough question. Give me a day or two, for sure I'll answer your question. Will visit your blog, and leave mark there.