Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Small Things ...

The two hardest tests on spiritual road
are the patience to wait for the right moment
and the courage not to be disappointed
with what we encounter
(Veronika Decides To Die - Paulo Coelho)

Thank you for the net ….

Am not the superstitious person, but if within two day in a row, you finally could chat with your old friends, than there’s must be a cosmic explanation?

Two days ago, I saw a message in my yahoo mail window – my friends name tab – she is my friend in my English course. When we finished our intensive course, we promised to each other, that we would keep in touch with everybody ..

Almost 90 % of my class continue their master degree at other country, and for some reason, some of them still keep me in the loop, maybe because am the only one who didn’t leave Jakarta.

I remember, one of them said to me, finally we could chat after we chase each other through mail or sms.

Last night, I saw my old friend from my previous company name, so I send him a message without expecting that he would reply my message. But suddenly, I saw his reply. We shared our story a bit, and then we just said good night.

… Phew, thank you for the net, makes world so small, feel that they were stay at the same city, while in fact takes hours to meet them …

Wrong Guess….

I thought I knew that person. I thought we knew each other. I thought she count me as her friend. But, I was wrong. She didn’t even count me as her friend. Anyway, I tried to understand her thought, her objection; still the pain is there, the guilty feeling is there.

This morning, when I do my morning walk, as usual I let my left and right heart talk, and all the voices that I heard was I was wrong. I should keep quiet and pretend that I haven’t heard that good news.

…. Oh I wish, I wish, that I could erase yesterday from my book, but I couldn’t … the line is there.

My World

I always do my morning walk alone, at the same time. Not always walk sometimes I combine it with running, because I love to feel the sweat run out of my body. Seems that I have done good job in my morning routine.

This morning, for the first time after my other morning, I just realized that even though I walk at the same path, the same route, there’s always something new.
Like my happy couple neighborhood, I saw them do a long chitchat with her husband. While the other day, she just stands in front of her door, wave to her husband. Hm ….He left home a little bit late this morning and he parks his car at different side of her garage.

I didn’t meet my morning newspaperman. Wondering the time that he delivered the newspaper since after I finished my morning walks, I saw my newspaper already at the same place.

It’s a little bit cold compare to yesterday this morning. Windy and the sun were so lazy to say good morning. Hm… I didn’t hear a siren today …

… Oh I love my small world in the morning, where I can still hear the song of the cricket, and the coolness that touch my skin ….

Feeling better ? Yes, after all the hard time I’ve been through yesterday….

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