Tuesday, October 09, 2007

01.30 am

Please, not that kind of anger again …..…
This time, I don’t have the energy to stand up
I don’t even have the strength to win somebody’s heart

It’s not a matter of be in the center or not
It’s not a matter of be in your circle or not
It’s a matter of how you look through me
It’s a matter of what do you see in me

Please, don’t do the same things
It hurts me more than you think
The thought that I never think would come from you

Please ….not the same things again
Not even a single question …
What is left for me only judgment

I can’t live with that anymore
I can’t let my tears ruin my face like last night

I can’t even think that it is ours


surjit said...

A wonderful description of reality in a poetic way.Thanks Tere616, for sharing.
Good luck.

Silverlines said...

Hope you're doing fine, girl ....


tere616 said...

Surjit : Thank you.

Silverlines : It's getting better today, the apology is there. Need more times for everything back to normal again. Thanks for the hugs