Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How can we change the world ?

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I remember my chit-chat with my friend, we were exchanged story of my trip to Bandung. I told him of the scenery that I loved from that hotel, the valley, the green view of the trees. Then he shared with me of the same scenery that he has in front of his house, how he sat at the terrace and wherever he sees, all green view, the valley and the river.

I just hold my breath when he told me that ….
A scenery that I wish I could have right now, sit quietly after exhausted week in the office, and heard the whisper of the bird, the song of the river and the softness of the wind , while am reading my book ….

What a dream, an impossible dream ….
I live in metropolitan city, where there’s no place of that kind of luxurious.
The park where we can sit and relax is near to zero …
People in my complex, doesn’t care enough to their yard, the smaller the better, it’s their motto.

So … if I have a chance to get that kind of house with that beautiful scenery, I’ll do everything ….

But, the bad thing is … as I said before … it’s only a dream now.
His beautiful scenery has been replaced with town house, no valley, no river, no green view anymore…
The only thing that you can see, only the grey color of the building …

I raised this question to my in-law, and his answer surprised me.
He told me that it was due to the economic growth ….

The answer is always the same, economic growth but do we ever realize the impact of the economic growth to our neighborhood ?

I know that people already have the answer, the idealistic one. But, have we ever asked that question to ourselves ? and start to change it, bit by bit ?

I’m neither a politician nor activist. The only thing I know is to share the global warming issue with my daughters. It’s funny when I told them not to left the air con on when they’re not in their room, how to make our home greener through plants, how to change the plastic bag with a cartoon box (for a while – until we here in Indonesia have a supermarket bag like I saw in Frankfurt).

My daughters always make a joke of my global warming issue … but at least they know that we should take care of our own nature.

So … how can we change the world ? Big things ? Small things ? The answer is “balancing” … not all the economic growth should destroy our nature … ; the big things should be hand in hand together with the small things ….


Mehdi {3M Blog} said...

Excuse my english, isn't so well but I'll do the effort and leave you a comment in english ;)

What I would say ?! first, I agree with you in all what you said and I congratulate you for your efforts and gestures concerning the preservation of the nature. By this way, beginning with us and our behaviors, we will contribute to global change.
To answer to your question "How we can change the world ?" I'll say by the small things but with a big effect, and let's not forget that " taste by tastes the stream fills " and it's of our role to stimulate the change, slowly but surely.
Nice Continuation

tere616 said...

mehdi {3m blog} : yup ... but how can we find the small things but with a big effect ? the only things I know is the small things.

But, thank you for your thought .. will try to find it one ..

BTW, don't worry about the language....