Thursday, October 04, 2007

My Little Girl ...

She can muss up you home, your hair and your dignity
– spend your money, your time, and your patience –
And just when your temper is ready too crack,
Her sunshine peeks through and you’re lost again
(Alan Beck)

I can’t express my feeling every time I hug her or when she hug me during her bed time or when I saw her sleep like an angel on my lap.

I think every mother in the world will say the some thing.

Ten years ago at 04.25 am, that was the first time I heard her voice, hold her tiny hands and the most amazing red lips, like somebody has put the lipstick on her lips.

I never forget the feelings when I saw her for the first time, my beautiful little daughter.

Today, the same time, like 10 years ago, I wake her up, kiss her and whisper my birthday wishes to her.

I teased her by saying that I have not buy her birthday gift while at the same time give her birthday present.

She opened and expressed her happiness when she saw her birthday gift. She kissed me back and ask me the silly question, “where and when I bought her birthday gift”, before finally she’s busy with her new pink game boy.

…. Watching her playing with her game boy, I was wondering the years that has passed by. The time that I’ve spent with her, to listen to her story, hug her when she cried, and how she made me angry …

Myy sweetest little girl. Her demanding voice when she asked me to come home early, when she asked me to carry her, or her attention when I was sick, Her softness skin when she hug me during her sleep, Her happy mother’s day card …..

I always thank God for His beautiful gift. A gift that is a reason for me to live in this world, a gift that makes me smiles in my sadness ….


surjit said...

"Is there any joy as pure and sorrow as fleeting as that of chilhood.."
Children are indeed a great gift from God.
God bless your little daughter.
My best wishes.

tere616 said...

Surjit : thank you so much for the wishes ...