Monday, October 15, 2007

A note from Eid's Festive ....

Eid is always full of surprises for me, since during that day all families get together and share their own story of everything.

The best part of that day for me, is always when I’m surrounding with my nephew and niece. Looking back into the old days when they were a baby and suddenly becomes a teenager or a mature person, I always amazed with how time flies so fast.

Listened to their story of their boy friend or girl friend, their study, their dream, songs or even movies is something that I love. I always feel younger when am with them (compare if am surrounded with my in laws).

This time, the topic is about “having a girl friend/boy friend with different religion”.

In their family, am the only one who has different religion. No one in my husband’s family married with someone outside their religion. So, in their “eyes”, everything’s can be managed, their auntie always there, except during the prayer ceremony, their lovely auntie never be in the crowd. But it’s okay, according to them, since they also do the same things.

The only things that never come to the surface are the tolerance that has to be given to keep everything’s in peace.

Married with someone who has different religion is not an easy thing, especially when it comes to minority and tradition.

It’s so difficult to explain it to them, especially they always beg me to give them the example. Every time I explain by giving them simple sample, they just said, “Oh..don’t worry, we can manage it”…
What a young people ….. (sound like suddenly am become a grand mother)

So …. When this topic became the main topic a couple days ago, I just sat there, listened and said …”Please, stay away from trouble …” and this time their answer was “Don’t worry, we are still 20. Later, when we reach our 30 then we will take your advice.”


For me, religion is a vehicle to communicate with God. Therefore, no one in the world could say that their religion is the best in the world. For every body, their religion is the best religion, the best vehicle to reach God’s home.

It may be the best for others but not the best for me. It’s my view of religion.

God ?
There’s only one God in the world …

Then, why can't we get married with someone who has different religion with us ?

The answer … because we are human and as a human we have our own dreams, our own opinion which not drives by our logic mind….


pepenks said...

Hi Tere616,
I think we are among the small community who believes in one unversal God.
I have been through different religion relationship three times before, always trying to convince what I believe in one universal God to no avail.
Not only coz my view, actually the biggest fear is not necessarily how to face your direct family, but instead your extended family...
So, apparently you are in it already, but why I got the impression that you don't want this to happened to your nephew and niece?

tere616 said...

pepenks : yes, you're right, I don't wanto this happenned even to my daughters also. It's not easy, it's hard to explain but it needs a big heart and open minded to understand the difference.