Monday, October 01, 2007

Are We the Same ?

You could have been a famous Artist

Oil painting, sculpture, photography. No matter the medium, it's clear that an imaginative soul like yours must have been an artist in a former life. With your creativity and originality, you've got a unique approach to the world that just begs to be shared with everyone.

Like the great masters who came before you, you march to the beat of your own drummer and don't follow the herd. You live life by your own rules and aren't afraid to express your ideas. Lucky for all of us, they're great ones. So, keep expressing yourself. You're sure to be legendary!

Who Were You in a Past Life?

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Past life …. ; two words that always make my friends give their weird look to me. It’s beyond their understanding that I, a grown up woman, a mother of two daughters, have the beliefs of past life.

I know it is sounds weird or stupid, but since I read Dr Brian Weiss book of his experience with his patients past life, I always wondering my past life.

I remember one of my friends asked me to explain past life compare to human population in the current century. He insisted me to explain that correlation; and me – speechless –

I do understand that as a person who has faith to God, such a thing is a big no, no. Even my mom could not understand my point of thinking, my beliefs in past life.

But no matter what you say … I still have my beliefs in it.


Anonymous said...

What I remember was, a managed reason was needed to justify your overseas trip, instead of the true one. And that are the past life, or your praise of anything that country, not mention your approval on caste system. Things that unbelievably accepted well by you….in my view.

Why don’t you read his latest book. Same Soul, Many Bodies. In the past he is able to regress present to past life… and that is your belief. Now he can progress them into the future.

Just in case you had intention to live with better quality, something that you can not afford today, why don’t you manage it, and return and reborn with better one. And if it still doesn’t work, try and try again.

So it is now past life and future life, are you still in ?

My dear he is just book seller, …davinci code, think, blink….

tere616 said...

Anonymous : Thank you for sharing the information, as far as I know he couldn't do the regression to the future. Only God's can.

I still beliefs in "past life", something that I want to discover.

Anonymous said...

thank god at least you are half believe in him

excuse me, regress, regression is present to past. present to future is progression , you must forget your lovely subject the statistic

if you think he lies for the progression, how could you believe in past life regression, a
thinking from same author. money is tempted, that is why he extend past life to future life, more books sold ha ha. hari poter 1 . hari ptr 7, pirate of caribian

i am wondering to hand over the book to you someday