Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Gallup and War

@#$%^&*() …… there are several reason the best employee leaves you, but too put one case as the basis for all, I don’t think that it is wise enough.

Gallup … everybody’s know of their qualification but by quoting only a part of the Gallup result, I don’t think it is wise enough, especially if the quotation only to stress out an incidence that based on somebody’s comment, where the other part don’t have the opportunity to explain the situation.

But I know whatever answer I’ve given to you, whatever story I’ve brought to you, still you already have your own. So, it’s better for me not to say a word, keep my silence somewhere out there.

You’re lucky that am arrogant enough to surrender and let others make fun of me. If not then for sure, you’ll be the first of my reason to quit.. So, since I’ve already start the war, my own battle, then I’ll fight till I can show you that you’re wrong …..

I will let you say whatever you want, but there’s a time when I say it’s enough and when the times come, my enough means that I will whacked you down also.

………… Want to see what is behind the “arrogant” and “angry” word above, behind that all tough masks, you will see empty eyes, eyes with no fighting spirit inside. Like an exhausted bird after she finished her long trip.

You’ll see that eyes in the coldness of the winter season, like a girl lost her lover. And if you look deeper into her heart, then you’ll see a broken heart where no one can cure it.

Ironic ? Yes, ironic… because no one can notice it, unless time gives a chance to sit quietly in front of her and look through her dark brown eyes …. Swim through the coldness of her look.

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