Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Balancing Life

We were sipping our chocolate ice at Starbuck, when my friend told me of the article that he read at Newsweek magazine.

He pointed out the statement of one of the women leader in Paris. That leader told the interviewer that she always arrange her travel not more than 4 days a week. So in that case, she could balance her work and her family.

When I heard that I couldn’t stand to say that I was limiting my business trip also, three days at the maximum within a week. But event though I have limited my business trip, by traveling every week within a month, I still felt that I don’t have enough time to take care my family, especially my two beautiful daughters.

I was amazed with Anne Lauvergeon, CEO of French energy conglomerate Areva, statement. Then when I went through her interview with Newsweek, I found another statement that reminds me of quality time that most of the time I’ve forgotten, “get home early”.

Reviewing my year in my current company, I realized of my quality time that I’ve forgotten, not only for my two beautiful daughters but also for myself.

I won nothing in this year, I didn’t win my two beautiful daughters heart and even myself. Suddenly I felt exhausted …

Yes, the feeling that I can spot easily, the feeling that had destroyed my health three years ago … “burn out”…

It is maybe too late for somebody but not for me … you can say it another excuses ...
But its better we realized it then not even realize that “burn out” …

How to cure that ?
Quit ? Balancing my life ?

I haven’t got the answer yet, but one thing that I know …
From now on, I’ll surrender all that in prayer ..

As my friend said to me, nothing is more powerful than a prayer …


Silverlines said...

Hi Girl .. how are you doing? I am kinda back and ready to kick asses.
Anyway, on quality versus quantity time ..
I believe that one can always try to limit his/her travel to be able being with their loved ones as long as they could, but then again, it's how you spend the time with, or so they speak.
As for me, there are times when we could not really avoid being away too long, and some additional efforts always had to be done to payback those missing time.

tere616 said...

silverlines : am in the burn out state again :-(

Quality vs Quantity time .. am 100 % with you. But the worst thing is the only additional efforts that I could give to my two beautiful daughters were so limited.

That is the reason, I told myself to re-arrange my life, at least balancing my life by being able to say "enough" instead of put all the work or task like a "free flow".

BTW, I love your mood of kick asses again ... feel like am in the same boat with you

surjit said...

Hi Tere616
Yes,your friend is right:
...'nothing is more powerful than a prayer..'
"Our prayers should be for blessings in general, for God knows best what is good for us."
God bless.

Nick Grimshawe said...

Your article talks about one of the most difficult challenges of our modern age. How do we find that balance? I don't think I have seen a definitive answer for this. Each one of us must find that balance in our own way.

One thing I have found helpful but takes some work, is to change your view of time. If you realize your thoughts contribute to the speed of events, then changing your thoughts could slow down the time. Now when I start feeling frantic about all the demands upon me. I stop and say "I have all the time I need." I saying like an affirmation.

Thank You for a thoughtful article.


tere616 said...

Surjit : yes, you're right. But sometimes or most of the time, to accept what God has given to us is not as easy as we write it. Especially when the answer is not like we, as human, want it. But as my priest told me, at least we ask, otherwise God didn't know.

Nick : Thank you for your advice. I need that. I'll try to use your magic words "I have all the time I need", from now on while at the same time change the way I'm thinking. I believe it will help me also.