Friday, October 12, 2007

Don't write me off

If all of you ever watch “Music and Lyrics”, then you’ll remember this scene and this song..

The lyrics and the scene taught me something of acknowledgement, of second chance, of regret.

When I watched and heard this song, I just realized that every time in our life, we fight with our left and right heart, we fight to find the acknowledgement of our thought, our action, our work, everything, especially when we were facing hard time in our life.

We tend not to believe what we see, we tend not to listen to what we heard, we tend to ignore every body, we only open our heart to our selves.

And when finally we do realize, the only word left is “lateness”, and we already hurt somebody’s heart ……

We were lucky if we can get the second chance, like in this movie, there’s a second chance to fix the mistake. Most of the time, we don’t have that luxurious.

So here it is, the lyrics may sound stupid but if we are using our “heart” when we try to understand what lies behind that stupid word then you’ll understand why I connect it with what I’ve said above.

It’s never been easy for me
To find words to go along, with a melody
But this time there’s actually something, on my mind
So please forgive these few brief awkward lines
Since I’ve met you, my whole life has changed
It’s not just my furniture, you’ve rearranged
I was living in the past, but somehow you’ve brought me back
And I haven’t felt like this since before Frankie said relax
And while I know, based on my track record
I might not seem like the safest bet
All I’m asking you, is don’t write me off, just yet
For years I’ve been telling myself, the same old story
That I’m happy to live off my so called, former glories
But you’ve given me a reason, to take another chance
Now I need you, despite the fact, that you’ve killed all my plants
And though I know, I’ve already blown more chances
Than anyone should ever get
All I’m asking you, is don’t write me off, just yet
Don’t write me off just yet

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