Saturday, October 06, 2007

I have received this award by Surjit, the author of Gurushabad blog, my daily must read blog.
It such an honour to receive this kind of award

PS :
As stated in his blog, this award is for bloggers who are fun, cool and of course Totally Fabolous


Anonymous said...

hi, the award was for him, and he share and pass it to you and the other bloggers.

or any indian is tempted

surjit said...

Many thanks Tere616, for your nice words and support.
Good luck.

tere616 said...

Anonymous : Yes, the award was for him, and he share and pass the award for me and others.

Whatever it is, he pass the award for me, and I feel honour like others too.

Surjit : Many thanks for your thoughts also. Good luck

Anonymous said...

ya what ever it is. give something or give nothing, as long as it comes from them, an extraordinary way of expressing thank you wold presented. wondering this real life