Friday, October 19, 2007

Counting the Days ....

Last night I walked at the same path that we used to walk
Wondering the days of the future …

Are you counting your day ?
A small voice whispered in my ears

Yes … I’m counting the day
I’m counting the day that we spend together
I’m counting the memories that we will have

Last night, I knew that you walk with me
With the look of your love
Even though it’s only a shadow


surjit said...

Profound thoughts.I like the words:
...'With the look of your love
Even though it’s only a shadow..'
Thanks Tere 616, for sharing.
You have a great skill playing with the words.
God bless.

tere616 said...

Surjit : Thank you for your compliment. You're so kind. God Bless you too.


hello there ..

the past was being re-visited (as shadows from the past appeared).
the present is being counted and CHERISHED ..
the future still holds itself

Take care there. Blessings.
~ Annnita.

Henrik said...

you can not imagine how your poem fit my life at the moment i read it. Just a few weeks in past i had this walk you remembered me of, and yesterday i shared your poem with the one i love cause she was the companion of this and for the fact that we live like 1500km away from each other, your poem gives us strength to survive a love that is procentual damned to die because of this distance...thank you! there shall be one who sais that poems didnt change the life of these how read them...i will kick his ass!

Henrik said...

besides, her name is lalita.

tere616 said...

henrik : wow .. it's nice to know that you like my poem. what a coincidence also. Have a nice day ..

tere616 said...

footprints : You're most welcome. Bless your day too :-)