Sunday, October 07, 2007

Two Faces

One of my friend once said to me, that by reading my post in my blog, he learned something about me, that no one hardly to know nor even notice it.

He was quite surprise that his mature friend woman have her other “face”, a face that he never thought that she could have it, especially after his day to day interaction with her a.k.a me.

… Back to real world, realize it or not, we always have two faces or maybe more and it depends on how we would like others to “see” us. We tend to hide our “dreams” deep down inside our mind. Especially if we don’t feel comfortable to show our other identity to the world.

Can we blame people because of using mask ? or having different “face” ?

The answer is no, because all of us have it, and it is something that come naturally, something that come from within ourselves.

All of us have our own weaknesses or our “other” identity where we could not use it in our daily routine, because it will ruin our life, because our career don’t let us shown our other side of personality, because it’s our dream, our future dream that we keep inside whilst at the same time live the dream somewhere.

Are we cheated ourselves ?

No, for sure the answer is no. We never cheat ourselves, since all of that kind of faces relate with our ‘dream’, our future dream, where our hopes for years was kept inside waiting to be shown to the world as a “real” things not only a “dream”.


Anonymous said...

It is good mental development !

You might have many faces. Underlying VALUE is the key. If one face has the opposite value against another, then obviously something is going wrong.

Silverlines said...

I'd say that there are things that we can't show or say in real life and prefer to have it bursted here or somewhere else. Just like a diary, or different group of friends which we share different dreams or stories.

How are you dear ?
I'm in the midst of beautiful sundown time in Pattaya.
Hope you're doing great .

tere616 said...

silverlines : Am exhausted :-) oh no, not Pataya, not beautiful sundown time ...argh....

Am happy for you .. Pls don't forget to share the beautiful romantic story ...